Tell you why I’m so fond of our next-gen?

PhotoGrid_1494851137761I was there at Subway to get a Sub. A 13-year-old kid was sitting, all by himself, at the counter height table placed right in the middle of the restaurant.
He was having a chocolate cookie and was jotting down something on a piece of paper so passionately.
I couldn’t stop myself and invaded his little private space, and asked, “Hi! I’m just curious to know what you are writing down?” He at once put his hands on the paper on which he was writing, making sure I couldn’t peek. He just smiled and said nothing.
I then pretended not to pay any attention to him. But, to be very honest, I was very eager to know!
After a while, I went to him again and this time I started, “Are you anyway writing a poem? Because I like people who write poems.”
Irritated, he replied, “Well, I’m not good at poems.”
“Then, a letter, love letter?” Puzzled me inquired.
I, by now, must be getting under his skin.
Anyway, he shook his head in disagreement.
“Must be a short story?” I looked like the one who could never succeed in the guess work.
By now, he must have figured out that I was hard-headed and wouldn’t leave him in peace.
Finally, he tried to give away his secret with a heavy heart, “I’m writing an apology letter to my best friend. We had a huge fight and he wouldn’t speak with me now.”
I was like, “Hawwww! How thoughtful you are, sweetheart! Things will be fine between you two. Tell me if I can be of any help in patching you guys up.”
With his cute depressed face he sighed, “Yeah, hopefully!”

After which I talked to him for sometime to cheer him up and left, hopeful enough that their friendship is there to stay for really long, maybe lifetime!

I was so glad to notice certain things about him:
1. He was not busy with his mobile phone. That’s a very rare scene now.
2. He seemed bit irritated. But, he was so ready to talk and share.
3. He appreciated my curiosity and didn’t think that I was inconsequential to his existence. So, he didn’t ignore me completely.
4. He knew the importance of relation and was so keen on saving it.

I, apparently, have really high hopes from all of these kids!

[On a side note: Ajeet, it’s high time we wrote a letter to each other again. I still have letters you wrote to me, and I’m yet to decode some words written in your bad handwriting! :p Anyway, it has its own charm, yeah?]


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