Cultural Abuse


“Why would you opt for an arranged marriage when you have a girl friend? Please don’t let go of your soulmate”
“My parents have done a lot for me. I’ve done nothing for them whole of my life. So, let me give them at least one reason for happiness.”

I’m cent percent sure everyone in our cultured country must have done/heard this exact conversation at least 10 times in his/her life.

Who are we making fool of? Parents, the girl/the guy, society or ourselves?

Isn’t it a high time we found a better way to make parents happy?

Can’t we instead say, “So what I’m not settling down for their choice, but, I have millions of other plans to make them proud of me?”
“Oh, what are those great plans?”
“I’m going to be one of the top sports persons in the world or a social activist or a top business man in the country or one of the key scientists or just a content human being who will be the reason for other people’s smiles. Can’t one of these be an alternative to bring them happiness they deserve?”


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