A Letter For The Teacher


I’m a second mother to him. A distant one, that is. I wasn’t there to hold him when he was just born, I wasn’t there when he uttered his first words nor was I there when he took his ‘first steps’. Apparently, I wasn’t the one who selected a play center for him, I had criteria for his first school clearly conveyed to his mother, though.
Yes, I’ll always have a guilt about not being around during important milestones of his life.
He’s been one of the unique kids you’ve got, as I’ve come to gather as his mother never gets tired of telling me all his day-to-day activities at your school.
I’ve got a few urgent requests to be made to his first ever teachers, if I may:

1. His personality will be clearly defined now within 9 months, when he’ll turn 3 next September. Please give him enough scope to do so on his own, aided by your great mindfulness.
2. His mother told me that he doesn’t sit at his place and keeps on roaming around in the class. While discipline is necessary, I request you to just try to be bit lenient as, strictness will make him a soldier, while, being bit less strict with him will give him a chance to open up to you and to this world.
3. Let me be bit blunt with you here. When his mother, father and his family together were in position to teach him what the color red is, and how to act ‘twinkle twinkle’ and how to greet people around him, he’s at your school, just to be ensured about the fact that there’s a world beyond his mum, papa and family. And with all the support from them, he’ll have to recreate his own world. I only request you to provide that environment at your school for him to be able to recreate that new world.

Well, I’m happy with the kind of progress he’s making at your school. I’ll always be grateful to you for it and for being his first teachers ever and being an important stepping stone in his personality development.

[I don’t want him to fulfill my unfulfilled dreams nor do I expect him to be an astronaut or a teacher. All I want him to be is a content being who can spread a smile or two in this world and the universe!]

Thanks for reading this.

Yours faithfully,


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